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Author: Samia Rab Kirchner
Title: Urban Seeds Kitchen for Plantation Park Heights Urban Farmers of Baltimore City
Category: Health & wellness
Description: Food brings people around a table. Now imagine if this table is on an open urban farm… As media portrayal of Baltimore presents the city as a prime example of urban decay, Morgan State University is busy helping urban farmers create a sustainable and equitable oasis during the Pandemic. Plantation Park Heights Urban Farmers in Baltimore City are growing food over fourteen (14) City-owned vacant lots. Under the leadership of Farmer Chippy, they are busy distributing nutritious food while making open green restorative spaces accessible to children and their families in one of the city’s low-income neighborhoods. Through a grant from the Center for the Study of Religion and the City, we co-designed a pilot Urban Seeds Kitchen. Once built, this open demonstration kitchen will bolster solidarity around production, processing and sharing of food across ages and cultures, giving school children hands on Food Supplement Nutrition Education while feeding residents healthy food. It will also be a place for city officials and stakeholders to meet with residents to chart a healthy, equitable and sustainable future. The co-design process connected Park Heights community organizations, Morgan students, school children and residents, planting seeds for life-long relationships. The knowledge of urban agriculture will transfer to the next generation through the power of co-design during the biggest health crisis in modern-day history.
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