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Author: Deleted author
Title: Operation PPE
Category: Health & wellness
Description: As a multi-disciplinary studio, RIOS doesn’t think like a conventional architecture office. Our work is very immersive and experiential, and it is driven by a spirit of curiosity and deep exploration. We believe in a level of prototyping that goes beyond building scale models to the creation of full-scale mock-ups and applied graphics. Experimenting and making is in our DNA. Like so many other businesses, we transitioned to a work from home model in mid-March. As we heard about the PPE shortages in local hospitals, our first instinct was to help. We immediately mobilized, using resources created by practices like Jenny Sabin’s and also used by BIG, Howeler + Yoon, and others to print PLA bands that hold a face shield. We delivered over 1,800 frames and 5,400 shields to front line health care workers locally and as far away as Montana. We weren’t alone in this effort; several other local design firms rose to the challenge. This was a very direct, groundswell effort that reflects our core belief in the power of community. As designers and problem-solvers our nimbleness allows us to rise to the occasion and find ways to be a resource to the community during challenging times.
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