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Author: Deleted author
Title: Building New Hope in Bellflower
Category: Justice & equity
Description: This video tells the story of homelessness in Bellflower City. After Judge David O. Carter issued a homeless order for Los Angeles County to require the city, county, and officials to supply proper shelters to the staggering 7,000 homeless residents that settled near underpasses and freeways. Having homelessness as the #1 issue since 2017, the mayor of Bellflower decided to join the lawsuit and became the first city in the county to sign on Judge Carter’s motion to tackle this homeless issue. Within an astonishing five months, this project was designed, outfitted within an existing Butler Building, and ready to open in the height of COVID-19 pandemic. Having a speedy self-certification process cut the cost and timeline exponentially, a total of $1.9 million, $150 per square foot, & $38,000 per bed – lower than most homeless shelters while built in record time. New Hope homeless shelter was designed to inhabit 50 individuals, however, due to COVID-19 it cut to 30 for the safety of the residents and Mercy House employees. This project was not focused on winning “Building of the Year” but to make a home for as many people in need as possible and letting them know that they are part of our community.
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