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Author: Devanne Pena
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Devanne Pena is an architect, who, during the pandemic, has designed, developed, and secured an angel investor for a new brick + mortar start-up concept. This venture began to take form by first addressing the question: How do we create economically viable public spaces that support black women+? AFROSPACE is a communal environment designed for the nurturing and self-maintenance of natural hair. For over a decade natural hair has grown into being the mainstay of the black haircare market, a multi-billion dollar industry; yet black women are among the most economically disadvantaged in the nation. AFROSPACE will kick off a mobile pop-up in Summer 2021, with the goal of opening the first flagship location within the year. The deeper vision is for AFROSPACE is to incrementally and sustainably grow into a franchise, creating a career pipeline that empowers black women + people of all gender identities as business owners, becoming a network of affirming spaces. A nuanced habitual congregation in the built environment beyond the home, salon and place of worship. Learn more by visiting our website: /afro.space
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