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Author: In Cho, R.A., CPHD & Timothy Shields
Title: Passive House for Everyone!
Category: Sustainability
Description: Given our world’s current environmental crisis, and the narrow time frame to solve these problems, it has become imperative that we bring environmental sustainability into mainstream consciousness, in order to make the greatest impact in the short time available, and affect change that is everlasting and trans-generational. We at ChoShields Studio, as Certified Passive House architects, in addition to designing Passive House projects, extended our efforts to empower all communities with knowledge to improve their lives through understanding their physical environment. We achieved this by establishing the idea of Universal Environmental Literacy, an idea to make Passive House a household term, and promote buildings as a significant contributor in carbon footprint reduction. (Passive House is a set of guiding principles for building that maximizes interior comfort with fresh, healthy indoor air quality while reducing up to 90% of energy use.) We shared our Passive House knowledge with NYC public schools, K-12, and engaged students in projects to creatively interpret these principles into any art form of their choice. Through this initiative, we help empower everyone to build vibrant communities based on healthy, enjoyable and energy efficient buildings which actively mitigate climate change and improve social equity in their lives.
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