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Author: Tamms Maria da Conceicao Morais Campos
Title: LUGAR DE MULHER - "woman's place"
Category: Justice & equity
Description: This documentary is the result of 2 years (2018-2020) of research coordinated by Prof. Dr. Tamms Morais and 15 researchers from the Research Group on Urbanization Policies and Physical-Territorial Projects (GPUR / UFERSA) with support from PROPPG / UFERSA based on Law nº 11.888 / 08 of Free Public Technical Assistance by Architect and Urban Planner. We know that the housing deficit in Brazil due to inadequate housing is growing and worrisome. Within this context, this Research Project was designed to supply a small demand in the neighborhood of Frei Damião / Pau dos Ferros / RN, composed of families with monthly income of up to three minimum wages. It also included female empowerment in design decisions and in the search for the quality of life in their domestic space and in their place of interpersonal and work relationships.
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