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Author: Matt Sauer
Title: Building our Market: a community overcomes a food desert
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Dayton, Ohio, lost six grocery stores over the course of a decade, leaving tens of thousands of people replying on dollar stores or long bus rides to the suburbs for groceries. The impact of these closures shows up in higher than average rates of diabetes and other chronic illness, and over a third of adults in our neighborhoods report eating fewer than one vegetable per day. Since 2015, members of the Dayton community have come together to fix this problem. We are now poised to open a community- and worker-owned full service grocery store in the heart of Dayton’s “food desert." The Gem City Market will be a full-service grocery store and deli located in the Salem Avenue corridor, just across the bridge from downtown Dayton. Designed by community member and architect Matt Sauer, AIA, the store will also include a teaching kitchen, nutrition classes and wellness programming, a mini-clinic, a cafe, and a community meeting room.
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