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Author: Carina Coel
Title: Arbor Plans: Changing the Narrative
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Frustrated by custom residential architecture’s inherent inequity, Restructure Studio set about the business of launching a sister-company, Arbor Plans, to sell home plans with the option for customization and architectural services. This approach would significantly cut clients’ design costs and time-to-construction, making sustainable, architect-designed homes accessible to more Americans. But Founder Carina Coel also saw this as a chance to create more opportunity for her young team of women architects and designers. Young professionals have long been challenged to claim their own design work, affecting their ability to be considered for awards, promotion and leadership roles. Particularly notable is a lack of women at the highest levels of architectural recognition. Arbor Plans now features at least one design—created from beginning-to-end--by each of Coel’s team members, which they are able to claim publicly under their own names. Coel hopes that these initial designs will be the first of many and that they will bring accomplishment and recognition to her team members.
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