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Author: Jing Wang
Title: Housing Justice for Flushing
Description: “Housing Justice for Flushing” is a short documentary explores affordable housing issues in flushing neighborhood. In the midst of affordable housing challenges this immigrant community facing, Flushing residents of rent-stabilized units are disparately affected by predatory real estate developers, transnational money and government rezoning. In June 2019 a group of students from Queens College Urban Studies department, using their newly learned documentary production skills from “Filming the Urban Experience” class, research through the camera lens. Students filmed the affordable housing struggles when the community reaching its boiling point on pushing for passing “Nine bills” in the State Senate and Assembly. (the “Nine Bills” is a package of bills to establish universal rent control across the state, that regulates rent for about one million apartments in the city.) Moreover, the film also follows local community activist organizations, such as Queens College, Min Kwon center, fighting housing justice for low-income residents.
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