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Title: Blueprint for Better Pittsburgh
Description: Pittsburgh is going through a period of rapid change, with many of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods experiencing redevelopment. There is an urgency to be thoughtful and strategic about the impact these new developments will have on the health and wellbeing of our communities. What we build today will shape the city for the next half century. AIA Pittsburgh is beginning a city-wide discussion about how buildings and spaces directly affect our communities and the people in them. How architecture is never neutral and good design is anti-inflammatory. How a sustainable, resilient city need social infrastructure as much as physical infrastructure. The discussion starts with architects reaching out to local development decision-makers and community leaders, and will continue with further public engagement. Architecture has been and will continue to be a foundational element in what kind of city Pittsburgh is and for whom. It is the most public of the arts and reflects our culture and values. Can we shape our surroundings to embody livability, sustainability, and equity? We think so.
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