2019 Film Challenge

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Title: Pioneering a Path: Working Together to Empower a Community
Description: SLAM, a uniquely integrated firm offering planning, design, structural engineering, interiors and construction management, had the privilege of working with the Chapel Haven community on the renovation and expansion of their campus in New Haven Connecticut. Through the process of working with the administration and residents we recognized what a unique and special design opportunity this was. Through this film, the true essence of the Chapel Haven community is realized. Their challenge was to find a team that would transform their campus and design facilities that were reflective of their programming. This film focuses on the life story of a specific resident who has gone through the Chapel Haven program, has accomplished living independently in the community and is a candidate for the age-in-place facility currently under construction. Through this story, the design work of SLAM can be felt on a personal level, reflecting the very specific challenges and benefits of designing and building community facilities for adults with mental disabilities to gain lifelong independence.
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