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Author: Bentley
Title: Future Chefs - Preparing For Roxbury
Description: Just when needed most, Boston receives a program that promotes culinary solutions to common everyday challenges. Future Chefs, now located in lower Roxbury help by manifesting opportunities around young professionals through various resources and a wide variety of transferable work skills. After 7 years of being located in the South End, Future Chefs was suddenly kicked to the curb when the property that once housed their teaching space was sold. Toni Elka (Executive Director of Future Chefs) teamed up with Joseph Kennard & Sean Ferrell (Kennard Architects) to design a bigger and better blue print for what Future Chefs is going to mean for Roxbury and its surrounding community. With their new space students will be able to progress forward carrying their skills into other fields of life after they graduate or have a place to sharpen skills for future employment while still attending. It has been proven with swift thinking and diverse design, Future Chefs and Kennard Architects where able to create a sustainable platform to perpetuate their overall mission. Food, unity and economic success. A perfect recipe when building resilient communities.
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