2021 AIA Film Challenge Finalists

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Author: Deleted author
Title: Two Pieces of Plywood
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Can great design be as simple as two pieces of plywood? And can something that simple inspire change? The 2020 general election was accompanied by a wave of targeted laws and voter suppression tactics. While shocking to many, this was not a new occurrence, particularly for minority and lower-income communities. But in a time when these same communities were already bearing the brunt of a global pandemic, new hindrances to the voting process seemed to be a brazen attempt to silence marginalized voices. In response, grassroots efforts quickly sprung up in cities across the country, organizing volunteers and campaigns to keep voters engaged and informed. This film shares the story of one campaign - Curbside Notary in Kansas City, Missouri. Specifically, how two simple pieces of plywood became a vessel for community conversation and action.
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