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Author: Asa R. Eslocker
Title: A New Lens for Resilient Design: VR’s Future in Healthy & Inclusive Communities
Description: “How might we use virtual reality to create an inclusive design process that can support the goals of a more healthy and resilient university community?” This is the central question asked by Lauren Shirley of VMDO Architects and Dr. Matthew Trowbridge of the University of Virginia, who lead an intensive design thinking workshop in VR around the issues of student health, wellness, and community resilience for the University of Virginia. The VMDO team uses an inclusive process to bring together a diverse group of university stakeholders, students, and designers to harness VR to generate design ideas for UVA’s new Student Health and Wellness Center – a new-paradigm health facility emphasizing wellness and preventive healthcare, slated to open in 2021. VR is emerging as a collaborative and accessible tool that can engage diverse user groups in generating feedback in the early stages of design. This is the story of how a major building project can be an incredibly rare opportunity to drive a shared focus around preventative health, and a vision for a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient university community.
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