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Author: Walter Cain
Description: DEMO-DEMO was a pop-up experience produced by WaCa Design in New York City in October 2018. It protested the way we typically build, questioning the unsustainable cycle of disposing of construction detritus in landfills and then re-building with new environmentally-taxing materials. A team of three activist architects/artists temporarily transformed a newly gutted loft apartment into an art gallery, using ALL the demolition material to make 33 sculptural installations. The exhibit was open for 6 days and received over 400 visitors, including architects and the general public as part of Open House NY Weekend. Visitors were confronted with the sheer volume of 36 tons of detritus, demonstrating the burden on our landfills and transportation infrastructure. Transforming it into art teased out the potential for re-using this material, inspiring upcycling into fixtures and finishes for the new loft apartment. While DEMO-DEMO and the subsequent renovation will not transform how we build, we are hoping to raise awareness, spark conversation, and engage others in confronting these problems. Tours challenged visitors to consider the environmental impact of conventional building methods. Media coverage (television, blog and social media) expanded the audience. We are hoping that this film will further extend the life of DEMO-DEMO.
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