Why join the Film Challenge

  • “Personally, this video stood out in my portfolio and helped me book further gigs. Since the video, I went on to complete a Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling grant, and a Fulbright interviewer cited the video as a strong showcase of my ability to make short, compelling documentaries.”

    Ishan Thakore, Filmmaker
    2015 Participant with Looking

  • “Creative Media Hub won our first Davey Award, this year for "Brazen Conversations". [It] has given us an opportunity to work with some really amazing people and organizations, and Brazen Architecture has used the film at city-wide presentation to help us in developing an infrastructure to support Las Vegas' growing homeless population.”

    Sarah Barker, Producer at Creative Media Hub
    2017 Participant with Brazen Conversations

  • “I gained a lot of insight about the effects of such a housing project and the different efforts that were made for the betterment of the neighborhood. It was a very rewarding process and I am happy that I was able to create an opportunity which may have seemed nearly impossible at the beginning.”

    Sadra Tehrani, Architecture student
    2017 Participant with Catalyst

  • "Winning the People’s Choice Award and a screening at Chicago Ideas was a breath of fresh air. I now feel like people want to see and learn more about the Hawaiian culture and indigenous architecture."

    MarQ Morrison, Filmmaker
    2018 People’s Choice Award winner with Ka Hale: A Revival

  • “I have been able to leverage the content in more ways than I had originally planned and it gave me more credibility when I approached other architects or designers. By widening the breadth of my work, I was able to open more doors.”

    Reuben Herzl, Creative Director at Groundmaking
    2017 Participant with Mud Man

  • “I’ve submitted the films to blogs where they got a lot of views, and I’m continuing to grow within the niche of architecture documentaries and films. I am finding new clients all the time.”

    Jeff Durkin, Director and Producer at Breadtruck Films
    2015 Runner Up with The Red Office

  • “Not only did the project help drive traffic to Boxville, it also helped the surrounding community by inviting people to learn more about the Bronzeville Community in general.”

    Sharon M. Samuels, Architect
    2017 Finalist with The Story of Boxville

  • “My experience participating in the AIA Film Challenge has been rewarding in so many ways beyond what I could have imagined. It is a great opportunity to bring light to social issues around the country, but it’s also a great opportunity to showcase your skills as a storyteller.”

    Myles Kramer, Filmmaker
    2017 Winner with Community by Design- Skid Row Housing Trust

  • “The massive distribution and publicity that my University, students, and clients have all benefited from have raised awareness and investment in our programs. Donations have poured in to support our work and more people are wanting to get involved all the time. It’s been massively successful to leverage the power of storytelling in such an engaging and easily broadcast format.”

    Brad Deal, Architecture Professor at Louisiana Tech
    2016 Winner with Arch 335: Rebuilding Medcamps