Send your film to Chicago Ideas Fest

Only 5 days left to vote!

With less than one week left until People’s Choice voting ends on Oct. 7th, it’s time to motivate your network to keep voting at Along with $5,000, the winning films will be screened at the 2018 Chicago Ideas Festival on Oct. 18th. The prize package comes complete with travel and hotel accommodations for two in Chicago. 

Get out the vote and win a trip to Chicago Ideas Festival

The Chicago Ideas Festival is based on the idea that when a broad spectrum of thinkers and instigators share ideas, we have the power to transform our world. The event attracts over 30,000 attendees each year and the films cover a wide range of topics. With a screening at Chicago Ideas, your film will act as a platform to inspire action and you’ll have the chance to network with thousands of forward-thinking changemakers. 

The Blueprint for Better theme transcends architecture and your important films deserve to be seen by a broader audience. Chicago Ideas is the perfect platform for you, the filmmaker and/or architect to gain recognition and more importantly build awareness for the solutions displayed in your film. 

Along with film screenings, Chicago Ideas Festival showcases a wide range of talks from thought leaders of all backgrounds. Past speakers include Bill Clinton, Padma Lakshmi, Martha Stewart, and Michael Strahan. 

Want to win? Keep promoting your film 

Make sure to leverage your audience and promote your film to gather votes in the last few days of the public voting period. Post on social media with #BlueprintforBetter to interact with the greater Film Challenge community and remind your audience to vote every hour. 

Last year’s People’s Choice Winner sought out social media influencers to help promote their film and even boosted their Facebook posts to receive a massive 100,000+ votes. With all of the films receiving votes every day, the People’s Choice Award is still very much up for grabs. 

Sample social media posts to customize and share

 “We need your help. Our film [film name] is up for a People’s Choice award for the AIA Film Challenge, and we need your votes! View the film, and share if you can. Thanks!” (add link to voting site, and include video in the post)

 “We need your help. Our film [film name] “Hi friends! Our film based right here in [community name] is up for a People’s Choice award in the AIA Film Challenge this year. Please help us by voting and spreading the word!” (add link to voting site, and include video in the post)

View all of this year’s films and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award.