Final call! Are you ready to submit your film?

Finished with production and ready to move onto submitting your film? Make sure to take a look at our checklist of challenge rules and FAQ’s to make sure your film is good to go and eligible for submission.

Pre-submission checklist

1. Final films due: All films are due on August 27th by 11:59 pm (Pacific Time). Plan accordingly based on time zone differences.

2. Film Specs: Apple ProRes 422, 1920×1080, 29.97fps, Progressive

3. Release forms: If you interview any subjects, shoot on private locations, or feature licensed music, you must include the appropriate releases with your submission. The release forms can be found in the official rules document and should be turned in online when you submit your final film. All forms must be sent by email to 

4. Logo: Every film must include the AIA Film Challenge logo at the very end. You can download the logo at the bottom of our FAQ page.

5. Length and credits: Films must be 3-5 minutes in length, which includes 5-10 seconds of credits that must be displayed at the end of each film.

6. Subtitles: You are only required to include subtitles if soundbites are in another language or audio is difficult to understand.

7. Share settings: Make sure your film is set to public on whatever platform you use. If your video is set to private and password protected we will not be able to accept your submissions.

Rules and guidelines FAQ’s

Q. Will I retain the ownership of my film?

A. Content submitted to the AIA Film Challenge will remain with the producers/filmmakers. Owners reserve the right to use the film submitted to the challenge for personal purposes, including marketing and branding of the firm and/or architectural project. On our end, the AIA reserves the right to use the film for promotion or distribution in connection to the campaign.

Q. Can I participate and submit a film if I am not from the United States?

A. Absolutely! Though cash and travel prizes are reserved for participants in the US and territories, we accept international submissions for a special International Award, including dedicated mentions across social channels, press mentions, and an award seal.

Q. How can I edit my submission?

A. Once submitted, you will not be able to update your entry. If needed, you can email with updates or a new video link and we will make the changes for you. 

Q. Can I submit a film produced for another project?

A. Submissions must include some original content created by the team members during the challenge period as well as the challenge logo found on the FAQ page. 

If you have footage from a project that hasn’t yet been made into a film or an existing film that may be relevant to the Blueprint for Better theme, you can edit it with additional interviews or editorial tweaks to make your existing footage or film eligible for the AIA Film Challenge.

Q. Who needs to be included in the exhibit A submission?

A. Any architects featured and your film crew must be included in the exhibit A release form.

Q. Can I use stock footage or photos?

A. Yes. You may only use third-party images, footage, music, or any other creative/proprietary content for which you have obtained expressed permission to use from all the rights holders. You will have to share these forms as part of your submission.

After looking over the checklist and confirming that your film meets all the requirements, it’s time to SubmitEmail with any additional questions about the Challenge and the submission process.