Connecting filmmakers and architects

 “Pre-production (preparation) is key, as is finding people to work with who are as excited about, and as committed to creating a compelling story, as you are,” Sarah Barker, producer/co-owner, Creative Media Hub, and 2017 Film Challenge participant with the submission “Brazen Conversations” 

Creating a film for the AIA Film Challenge often results in amazing benefits for both architects and filmmakers. Finding the right partnership is key to telling your story. That is why we have compiled resources and advice to help with the search.

How architects can find filmmakers

The easiest and potentially most effective way to find filmmakers is to look within your immediate network. A quick Facebook post or Tweet can uncover connections you never knew you had. There are also plenty of Facebook film communities you can reach out to, including Documentary Filmmakers, United Filmmakers Association, Independent Filmmakers, and Filmmakers Unite.

Vimeo and YouTube are also great resources to discover and connect with filmmakers producing quality content. Searching videos on these platforms allows you to look for content being produced in your area and find a style you like. Once you find someone whose work interests you, simply message them through the platform and share your vision.

Another approach to finding talented local filmmakers is through reaching out to film schools. Some notable programs include USC, UCLA, American Film Institute, NYU, Columbia University, Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, Wesleyan University, Emerson College, Stanford University, Ithaca College, and many more across the country.

With this in mind, an architect can certainly produce his or her own film and yield amazing results. There are plenty of sites like that provide resources to help you tell your story regardless of your experience level. At the end of the day, the story is the most important aspect of any film, not fancy equipment or years of experience.

How filmmakers can find architects and firms

Countless architecture firms around the world are working on projects that are improving our communities and fit within the Blueprint for Better theme. As a filmmaker, you have a unique opportunity to tell their stories and gain recognition not just for yourself, but also the architects and communities involved. The best way to find these firms is through the American Institute of Architects website, where you can view featured architects, projects, and access a full directory of firms across the country.

Join our private online community

This year we’ve created a private online community, via a Slack channel, for past and present Film Challenge participants. This community will serve as a forum for connecting filmmakers and architects, sharing ideas and fostering collaborations, receiving advice from fellow participants, and having your questions answered by the Film Challenge team.

You must be registered for the 2018 Film Challenge to be invited to join the platform, but this is in no way a binding commitment to submit a film this year. Once registered, you will receive a welcome email from our community manager with instructions on how to join.

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