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Author: Amanda Miller
Title: A Rural Revival: Resiliency in Small Town Ohio
Category: Zero-carbon & resiliency
Middle Point, OH, is in a little bit of what we would consider a decline, similar to what we currently see in many rural communities across the United States. Therefore, looking at potential properties for our new rural sustainable development projects seemed like a natural fit. It was essential to give back and invest in this community we care about, seeing as Revival + Goodstock have strong ties to Middle Point. The need and demand are here — at last look, only two homes were for sale for the entire community within the zip code of 45863. We knew the community was ready and hungry for the renewal + development of available cost-effective homes - using sustainable design to lower cost of ownership. Our ultimate goal is to bring these rural communities, like Middle Point, back to life. We want to see them vibrant + busy. We want to see the pride of ownership while moving through the village. Breathing new life into these rural communities and watching them flourish, and bringing these memories back into space excites us. Middle simply just the beginning.
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