2021 AIA Film Challenge

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Author: Eric Dempsey
Title: Gaoqian - Historic Adaptation
Category: Zero-carbon & resiliency
Description: A short documentary of the proposal for preservation and adaptive reuse of two dilapidated buildings in Gaoqian Historic Village.  The Baite location is a hidden treasure in the Zhejiang Province of China.  The village is nestled in the valley of the scenic Xianju mountains.  It is recently connected via high speed rail to Shanghai and undergoing a transformation. The existing buildings of the village are in tremendous disrepair and in danger of being lost.  The design project is a collaboration between the local municipal government and Dempsey Design, Inc.  Collaboration with the municipal historical committee included on-site interviews, oral histories, and extensive site documentation.  The project is currently undergoing planning approval and scheduled for opening in 2022.  It will be the first part of a larger urban preservation plan. www.dempsey-design.com   #AIA #Preserve #Adapt #Reuse #Hotel #Hospitality #China #Shanghai #Gaoqian  
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