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Author: Danielle Blevins
Title: Chrysalis (The ViBe District)
Category: Zero-carbon & resiliency
Description: Chrysalis, a metamorphosis. Located in the heart of the ViBe District, the Butterfly Garden is an incubator for culture, collaboration, and local flourishing. This passion project between a coffee shop owner and a local landscape architect unearthed a community hungry to be united, giving way to a lasting partnership between the city, businesses owners, mission-minded organizations, and local residents. Providing a meadow like, naturalized space for both people and nature to enjoy, the idea for this humble strip of garden quickly became the heart song of a city - bursting into a neighborhood district known and unique for its gardens brought to life from leftover spaces. A neighborhood once left behind in the bustle of a tourism city now shines as a beacon of creativity representing a local love of art, togetherness, and our city's natural spaces. The ViBe District reveals the power of beautified spaces and community building through landscape architecture.
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