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Author: Alexandra McCracken
Title: LNK Center for Resiliency & Conservation
Category: Zero-carbon & resiliency
Description: The mission of the Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities is to promote human systems in balance with the natural environment. For 25 years, we have accomplished this in our many initiatives through planning, design, education, collaborations and partnerships. We focus on waste avoidance, design for sustainability, equity and justice, rural-urban synergies, conservation of resources, long-term thinking/planning, and holistic as opposed to silo thinking, and fostering vibrant, sustainable communities for quality of life for future generations. Underpin- ning every project’s planning and design is the consideration of measurable indicators in the sectors of public pol- icy, environment, socio-cultural characteristics, economics, and technology. The LNK Center for Resilience and Conservation is the product of more than six years of careful planning and design with these considerations in mind. The two main anchors: Lincoln Public Market and EcoStore, are both designed to foster healthier, more vital communities through innovative reuse of food waste and building materials, ensuring that both foods and materials are used for best and highest purpose, diverting tons of waste from landfills, significantly shortening supply chains, and creating new markets for repurposed, recycled materials.
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