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Title: Kappa Achievement Park: A Place to Belong
Category: Justice & equity
Raleigh, NC is undergoing rapid growth, benefiting the wealthy, affluent, incoming transplants and displacing those who call this place home. The Kappa Alpha Psi Raleigh chapter, Trailblaze Development, and Hanbury Architecture have teamed up to challenge inequitable growth in Raleigh, promoting development that is people-driven instead of profit-driven. The idea behind Kappa Achievement Park was created in order to support the neighborhoods that have been disinvested and on the brink of displacement, by engaging with the community and responding to their needs.  From early conversations with local residents, it was evident that not everyone has a safe space and sense of belonging.  Kappa, Trailblaze, and Hanbury will continue to work together setting a standard for equitable and just development rooted in the community of its place.
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