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Author: Jeff Shaw
Title: La Union Studio // Seattle
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Meet the duo behind Seattle's La Union Studio that's working to make sure all voices are included in building a more equitable and just city. Growing up in South Seattle Sonia never went anywhere north of Chinatown. Maybe a field trip to the University of Washington for school but her life was very contained to the South Seattle, South King County world. Sergio on the other hand, grew up in Tukwila which is very diverse, historically low income, historically immigrant community and has vivid memories of riding the bus to go to a predominantly white wealthy private high school in the heart of Seattle. It was almost like culture shock going from Tukwilla to that part of town and that experience made him realize the kind of economic disparity that existed within Seattle and the region. He remembers early on making a vow to change that disparity or at least play a role in that transition and paradigm shift. They both could have easily stayed in the cities where they went to grad school but they decided to come back Seattle and really focus on growing the city in a responsible and sustainable way.
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