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Author: Daniel Goldblum
Title: The Architecture Doctor
Category: Health & wellness
Description: With the global migration toward urban centers, our societies have become increasingly disconnected from the natural environment. The impact on human health goes beyond physical and mental illness - there is a connection between nature and aesthetics, and people can become detached from their own sense of beauty, their individual creativity, and their dignity. The Architecture Doctor explores the work of visionary Viennese painter, ecologist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and his practice of healing sick buildings by introducing color, greenery and organic forms. His work in the final decades of the twentieth century appears where you would least expect it, from industrial incinerators to hospital wards, and from Austria to California. Sensing the impending climate crisis, Hundertwasser was a forerunner of green roofs and so much more, and laid a beautiful path towards a healthier, more sustainable world. By integrating vegetation into our built environment, creating more humane structures, and empowering tenants to personalize their dwellings, we can restore nature and ourselves.
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