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Author: Omayra Rivera Crespo
Title: Children’s right to play. A changing narrative to public space
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Workshop Arquitecturas Colectivas (WAC) titled Children’s right to play. A changing narrative to public space” is a transdisciplinary workshop that aims at implementing a sensitive DesignBuild project in a low income community adjacent to Caño Martín Peña in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The goal is to vitalize and activate an abandoned area and turn it into a new playground and environmentally adaptive community space. The workshop will be an exercise in participatory design and construction. Workshop participants will apply participatory methods such as storytelling, mapping and design to free the imagination, understand tangible and daily needs from the community, the way of life of people in the community as well as their situated knowledges. The resulting concepts will be built with the community and will consider local traditions, available resources, and local techniques. Video footage: Workshop Arquitecturas Colectivas (WAC I): La Perla, A visual journey of the role of community-based design in shaping Puerto Rican communities where the particularities and the ludic spaces are the true protagonist. The footage collects and conserves the audiovisual content of the participatory-design and DesignBuild process with the community members, students, and others. It exhibits the spaces as archives, collective story, and repositories of memory; a new narrative of transference.
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