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Author: Borderless Studio + On The Real Film
Title: Climate and Cultural Resilience in Chicago's Southside
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Through Creative Grounds initiative (www.creativegrounds.org), Borderless has collaborated during the last 3 years to activate former Overton school which closed in 2013 as part of the closure of over 45 schools in the West and Southside of Chicago. Located in the heart of Bronzeville neighborhood, Overton has served as a place to bring the community together, and keep the school active through art and design installations while the school prepares for its redevelopment as a Business and Technology Incubator. The Climate and Cultural Resilience project uses a large-scale map installation on the grounds of Overton to create awareness about aging infrastructure, increase of impervious surfaces that are contributors to neighborhood flooding, and the need for investment in green infrastructure to promote a more resilient and equitable future. This project integrates a map installation showcasing the permeability of the neighborhood using colored watershed zones, and new rain gardens transforming a surface parking area. Through collaboration with local youth and community residents, this project not only aims to raise awareness on the importance of stormwater management, but also to create a shared understanding of our neighborhoods’ infrastructure, resources and the possibilities to promote resilient communities.
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