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Author: Asia Taylor
Title: BOXVILLE: Creating A Just World
Category: Sustainability
Description: BRONZEVILLE, CHICAGO Years ago, segregation prevented African Americans from shopping in downtown Chicago. Bronzeville became a hub for black-owned businesses that sold the community everything segregation separated them from. This bustling business district was known as “The Black Metropolis.” Over the decades, disinvestment removed resources and opportunities from the Bronzeville community. Boxville was created to bringing Bronzeville back to the Black Metropolis days by providing entrepreneurs an opportunity towards ownership. Boxville is Chicago’s first street food market and container mall, serving Bronzeville residents and visitors with unique products, services, and food. Boxville offers community entrepreneurs affordable spaces for building enterprises & creating jobs in order to revitalize community. The film’s soundtrack is by TheoryMartinx, a Bronzeville artist. The song is called Brighter Day from his latest album called, The Righteous Always Prevail. The viewer is visually guided through bright colors, healthy activities, customized shipping containers, and a design that promotes access for all, while listening to voices that celebrate black excellence.
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