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Author: Sarah Kjelleren
Title: Grow Together | Garden
Category: Sustainability
Description: Garden Studio’s mission is to connect and empower a global network of freelance workers to drive positive social change through affordable enriching live-work environments. We are designing our sustainable living buildings to incorporate a series of balanced ecosystems including communal biodiverse gardens, agtech, immersive green architecture and circular waste to energy systems. Grow spaces with multiple yearly harvests are created by converting basement areas and partial roof space to vertical farms. Thus increasing food security and learning opportunities for its residents, supplying farm-to-table restaurants and donating to nearby underserved communities. With freelancers in mind we’ve designed to maximize creativity and productivity, there are photography and multimedia visual studios, recording studios, private desks, co-work spaces and team meeting rooms. Society will have to meet the needs of the projected exponential rise of independent workers which will outnumber non freelancers within a decade. This project will increase our understanding of the way we live and work and is our interpretation of an optimized livable workspace environment. By gathering data from its smart technology devices, agtech systems and waste streams it builds a healthier framework and a predictive toolbox to design for the projected growth of future cities and circular economy.
Votes: 11
Views: 194

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