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Author: Jose Cotto
Title: Parisite DIY
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Over the last decade, a community has rallied behind a skate park in New Orleans — Parasite DIY is an incredible example of how public space can work beyond its potential when community drives the vision, defines the values, and is respected as equals in the processes that shape them. This video is a mere snapshot of the human effort that went into making this project possible, but we believe it gives insight into how the voices of the skaters who came to us remained at the center of the work. When public spaces are mirrors of the ambitions, desires, and spirit of communities, they thrive — let’s replicate the model of inclusion when making decisions on all of our public spaces. When our shared spaces are stronger, our connections become more valuable. More info about Transitional Spaces and Parisite DIY at their website, www.parisitydiy.com. PARISITE MISSION An ever-rising skatepark in New Orleans—a park designed by skateboarders, built by skateboarders, and funded by all of us working together. Our approach is holistic. We are all Parisite DIY. 1000s of skaters, fundraisers, designers, engineers, government workers, students, and community members are committed to developing and maintaining…
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