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Author: David Judge
Title: Peruvian Fog-water Park
Category: Health & wellness
Description: Participatory collaborations between the community of Eliseo Collazos (Lima, Peru) and an interdisciplinary design and research team culminates in a transformational community park. Harvesting fog-water droplets with giant nets provides water to an informal settlement and a means to achieve their community vision: create greenspace and increase water & food security. The project sets out to achieve the goals at multiple scales, from the household up to neighborhood level. The designed solution takes advantage of fog covering the coastal desert in an effort to restore the delicate fog oasis that historically covered the hillside. Over the course of 5 years, this community designed and built a fog-water system that provided irrigation for a multipurpose community park and household gardens. The community has shown remarkable persistence leveraging the project to increase resilience in local to global events: in a regional flood disaster; local mafias cutting the fog irrigation connection; and COVID-19 mandates halting food and water supplies, the residents creatively adapted the project to store water and manually irrigate gardens to maintain food and water security in emergency times. Participatory design provided Eliseo Collazos a platform for transformation and the project catalyzed local leadership, and improved mental, social and ecological health.
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