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Author: Sunil s ladha
Category: Sustainability
Description: It all happened on a sunny afternoon when we decided to go for our own office the land parcel was small and we all were used to working in open voluminous spaces in past Its tough for humans to accept a change but when forced to…we adapt. so it was a challenge to us… LESS IS MORE became the guideline Looking at the density of people, a thought sparked thru’…. Why not split the teams… and hence the planes…so the plan evolved The split levels gave an illusionary feel of voluminous space which just didnt exist but was there. Psyco aesthetics worked here, Add to it inbuilt social distancing measures that are manouvered by design and not by force! The natural light and ventilation gives another dimension to sustainability. Add to it, air cooling instead of airconditioning and harnessing solar energy, the carbon footprint contribution to the environment is near to zero. The project becomes an inspiration at micro level which when extrapolated becomes a change maker at community level.
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