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Author: Susana Veronica Alfaro del Angel
Title: Caixas de Boxe: A Place Beyond Sports
Category: Justice & equity
Description: Caixas de Boxe is a project carried out for the community of Portugal Novo, Olaias. This story is about how a tool for self-discipline and control of violence arises, translated into a simple structure and a replicable character to build it everywhere, in order to activate the public space in marginalized areas. The program mainly covers boxing, but it can be much more than that: a gym, a playground and a meeting place, resulting in a living space that is installed and responds to the scarcity of public facilities and the need for social integration of communities. Caixas de Boxe uses the rationality of scarce material resources to create social dynamics of civic and individual development. And so, it demonstrates that it is not necessary to have spectacular architectural structures to make a meaningful difference in the social field.
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