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Author: Tina Govan
Title: Person Street Market
Category: Health & wellness
Description: Architect Tina Govan had been walking past two dead surface parking lots in the middle of Raleigh, NC for years. This overlooked corner had so much potential, sitting at the center of where many diverse downtown neighborhoods converged. After desires for a walkable downtown farmers market surfaced in her neighborhood, she decided to take action. Miraculously, the NC State Property Office approved her permit application. She immediately went to work, crafting a compelling vision, photoshopping images of people, dogs, children and fresh produce into photos of these dismal lots and writing a blog to enroll others. For months, she visited every farmers market within 50 miles, telling farmers about this new spot that would finally allow so many people to walk to a downtown market again. Excitement grew. Together with volunteers, she put up flyers, booked a band, break dancers, and food trucks. On market day, it was as if those photoshopped images had come to life. The transformation was amazing. She wanted to make a difference in her neighborhood, to connect diverse neighbors to each other and to local farmers and food, to animate this dead zone, proving that as architects, we can contribute in many different ways.
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