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Author: Laurie Little and Odile Compagnon
Description: At 1330 South Pulaski, the majestic cottonwood tree has witnessed many events, sad and happy, experienced by the community of North Lawndale, now celebrating its 150th anniversary. CANOPY highlights the stories of Permapark, one of the latest developments at 1330, and of other addresses in the neighborhood where high-schoolers, college students, their mentors and teachers work with community organizers, designers, experts, planners, realtors and artists, including cellist Yo-Yo Ma and sculptor Pedro Reyes, to preserve the quality of life and make it accessible to all. Odile Compagnon, architect and faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has contributed to this preservation through design/build workshops, involving her students and collaborators in the design of neighborhood parks. Through her eyes, and the words of the community, CANOPY presents architecture as a cordial agent of change, a respectful interpreter of history and a compatible champion of the environment. In Permapark, at 1330, under the cottonwood’s overhanging roof of foliage, people and plants grow together. Each one acknowledges what has been done as well as looks forward to what more remains to be done. At any given time, the gardeners who are there together grant the moment a particular force.
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