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Author: mark Atkinson
Title: Moving Harvey
Description: The Harvey building, built in the early 1900s, served as a home and general store in Oyster, Virginia on the Eastern Shore. It was abandoned for more than thirty years before the Nature Conservancy offered to give it to Eyre Baldwin, and longtime resident (his family dates to the mid 1600s) and conservationist. Made mostly of cypress, the bones were strong and sturdy. Baldwin and partner Chris Ashby did the initial restoration work in Oyster on the seaside, then contracted to move the building by barge around the tip of the Eastern Shore and up the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Charles. It took days to jack up the structure roll it down to the water and secure it on a barge. We filmed the move, while Baldwin provided narrative about the value of preserving historic buildings such as Harvey. Today it’s a thriving restaurant sitting in the Cape Charles harbor.
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