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Author: Michael Mantese
Title: Building Community
Description: Building Community tells the story of one firm’s effort to bring design to underserved communities. Springing from an internal need to structure a loose pro-bono effort into something with greater purpose and scope, The Day of Service is held every year at the studio of EskewDumezRipple on Martin Luther King Day. However, the endeavor represents a day in name only. Over several weeks, the studio partners with a variety of nonprofits and community organizations (who they solicit projects from via an open RFP process) in a collaborative design process tailored to each organization’s needs. In the five years since, the day has quickly become a part of the firm’s intrinsic identity. It reflects the belief that architecture has the power to reinforce the bonds of community and connect people to place in profound and meaningful ways. Places where they can see their identities and stories reflected in their everyday surroundings. Places that build community.
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