2018 Film Challenge Finalists

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Author: Deleted author
Title: Illuminating Trinity
Category: Diversity and Inclusion
Description: Illuminating Trinity is the story of the multi-year community process that supported the design and construction of the Southlight project, a new performance pavilion and public garden in the Trinity Square neighborhood of Providence RI. The project, a collaboration between RISD Architecture, the City of Providence, Rhode Island LISC, and the Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island, initiated the expansion and revitalization of an important community resource in one of the most diverse and economically challenged neighborhoods of the city. The film tells the Southlight story through interviews with community and project leaders describing the vision for the project, the challenges facing the community, and the process that led to its success. The project demonstrates how a diverse community coalesced around an arts-based community strategy that encouraged dialogue and has led to continued investment from the neighborhood’s many stakeholders.
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