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Title: Kérémané
Category: Affordable Housing
Description: The Kanade brothers (Shankar and Navnath) co founded the firm, Shilpa Sindoor Architects & Planners, based out of Bangalore, Karnataka (India). Their work although rooted in modernism, is context specific and user sensitive, be it a residence or group housing. Their humble roots resulted in minimalism and cost effectiveness by innovation in technology namely the chapadi (stacked granite slab) system. They reduced the use of cement as a silent rebellion against corporations, while employing traditional artisans and craftspeople instead of the modern mason. The user became important and was first a friend and then a client. This was a shift from the Le Corbusier's "modular man". "The road less traveled" best describes their journey that spans over four decades of design and academic engagement, as can be seen in multiple iconic structures across the state, and the thousands of students and professionals who were mentored by them and carry forth the same honesty, intensity and integrity in their practice today.
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