2018 Film Challenge Finalists

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Author: Deleted author
Title: Edison Language Academy: Blueprint for Better
Category: Diversity and Inclusion
Description: Architecture that embraces community involvement during the design process is something we want to encourage and celebrate. There are many places we could’ve looked to find a project that embodied this communal approach to architecture, but we didn’t have to look far to know that we had found a rare, and therefore unique, story to tell. Welcome to Santa Monica’s hidden jewel, Edison Language Academy. Describing this place as a school would be an understatement, Edison is a family. A family I was lucky to be a part of growing up. Not too long after graduating from 5th grade, Edison would undergo what would become a X amount of year process to design the campus. Edison had become the place where so many bonds were built and memories made. After years of being completed I finally revisited the school. As soon as my eyes made contact with the new campus, all my fears of losing a place I considered ‘home’ were put to rest. Nothing looked the same, but everything felt the same
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