2018 Finalists

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Author: Noura Bishay
Title: Park to Bay Project
Category: Community Revitalization
Description: Have you ever felt lonely and isolated, I did, and it made me wonder can this be related to the city design? Jan Gehl once said, “First we shape the city- then the city shapes us.” we deserve more, we deserve to live in a city that encourages you to enjoy walking and feel safe cycling. A city that promotes community building, healthy living styles, and meaningful places. I would like to introduce you to the Park-to-Bay Project located in San Diego, we aim to connect Balboa Park with the Bay in one vital corridor, while it reunites three communities. As well as link 4 parks including Balboa Park and Chicano Park. The Logan Plaza is one of the main nodes on the corridor. How can we take an underutilized corridor that had no identity and transformed it into a place that matters? By adding Linear Parks that connects parks and links communities. Also, emphasizing the community identity through art that represents the culture, tradition, and history. Information without application no transformation. Without political will pushed by the communities, we will stay the same. Take an action and stand for yourself. You deserve more! Demand it Now
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